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TU-810 EEV Table-Top Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Trainer

This training unit demonstrates basic refrigeration and air conditioning principles in a compact size perfect for in the classroom or mobile training.


Electrical Requirements: 120VAC; 60Hz; 15A
Overall Size: 34″ L x 16″ W x 16″ H
Weight: 80 lbs.
Uses HFC 134a Refrigerant
1⁄3 HP hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor.

This training unit includes a standard-range iManifold® 900C System Analyzer kit for real-time system performance analysis suitable for projector or large screen display in the class-room. This kit works with most smart devices (customer to provide, with appropriate cable.) It also comes with a complementary 801PL Pulse Kit, 1-year iManifold® Pro+ subscription is included for one user; additional student subscriptions are available.

TUE-150 Residential Wiring Trainer

This Trainer Panel is used to demonstrate electrical principles similar to those found in a residential dwelling. It also has provision for extensive switching and connection of lamps and outlets. The trainer has a 24 volt power supply that is used to wire and test all circuits After the instructor has approved wiring, 120VAC can be applied using the key-lock circuit breaker control. The ability to use low voltage for testing and 120VAC for final wiring is a valuable teaching aid.

The inclusion of the dual 24 VAC power supply makes this a very useful trainer for introductory classes, since all initial breadboarding and testing can be done at low voltage and then 120VAC is only made available to the trainer after the instructor has used the key to turn on the Electro-Lock to apply 120VAC. Students learn wiring as well as the proper electrical hookups from the manual that is included. All of the above components are mounted on a hardwood panel.


Dimensions: 36”W x 30”D x 28”H.
Electrical Requirements: 120VAC at 15 Amps, 50/60 Hz
Weight: 65 lbs.

TUE-200 Residential Wiring Demonstrator

Students gain a full understanding of National Electrical Code residential electrical circuits. Through actual practice, students attain a substantial beginning level skill and proficiency using tools of the electrical trade.


Electrical requirements: 240VAC
Overall size: Triangular Layout: 67″ x 67″ x 99″, 90″ Height
* NOTE: 240V plug not included