TU-208 Combination Forced Air & Hydronic Heating Trainer

The forced air and hydronic heating trainer provides demonstration and service practice with forced air and hydronic heating systems, including hot water heating systems. All components are full size, completely operational and are standard brands of equipment.

  • Gas fired forced air furnace
  • Oil fired hydronic boiler
  • Air conditioner
  • Fuel tank sold separately
  • iManifold Kit for full diagnostic testing and troubleshooting of system components.

All-Electric model also available (model TU-208E)

This training unit includes a standard-range iManifold® 900C System Analyzer kit for real-time system performance analysis suitable for projector or large screen display in the class-room. This kit works with most smart devices (customer to provide, with appropriate cable.) It also comes with a complementary 801PL Pulse Kit, 1-year iManifold® Pro+ subscription is included for one user; additional student subscriptions are available.

  • A student experiment manual specially written for this equipment.
  • Experiments include: Introduction of principles, References, Pre-lab questions, Lab procedure, Post-lab exercises
  • Experiment topics include: Forced air furnace, Circulation systems, Burner systems, Flue gas analysis, Duct system, Air balancing, Flame safety devices, Temperature and humidity control, Heat transfer devices, Oil fired boiler and burner systems, Draft regulators and piping systems
  • Includes Lab Manual and two books, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology and Heat Pumps: Operation, Installation, & Service, with student assignments

This unit has multiple customization’s to choose from:

  • Heat Pump/Condensing Unit
  • Air Handler/Gas Furnace
  • Electric Boiler
  • Gas Fired Boiler
  • Oil Fired Boiler

Download Spec Sheet: TU-208