TU-420 Refrigeration Trainer Demonstrator

This refrigeration demonstrator uses the 4 main parts of the refrigeration system (condenser, compressor, evaporator and control device) that demonstrate basic refrigeration principles. The components then work together to cool a small enclosed refrigerator compartment fully featured with an electronic temperature control device.


Electrical requirements: 120VAC, 60 Hz, 15A
Overall size: 35”W x 13”D x 30”H
Shipping weight: 115 lbs.

This training unit includes a standard-range iManifold® 900C System Analyzer kit for real-time system performance analysis suitable for projector or large screen display in the class-room. This kit works with most smart devices (customer to provide, with appropriate cable.) It also comes with a complementary 801PL Pulse Kit, 1-year iManifold® Pro+ subscription is included for one user; additional student subscriptions are available.

  • Components arranged to illustrate the cycle nature of refrigeration
  • 4 strategically located explosion proof sight glasses with moisture indicators and thermostat permit monitoring of the refrigerant as it circulates throughout the entire refrigeration system
  • Comes completely assembled with fused main power switch, charged with refrigerant and ready to operate
  • Includes Lab Manual
  • Includes an iManifold Kit for full diagnostic testing and troubleshooting of system components.

Download Spec Sheet: TU-420